The Feeding Mom- Mallory Millet

The Feeding Mom- Mallory Millet


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My name is Mallory Millet. I am a Speech- Language Pathologist by trade. I am also an Infant Feeding Specialist. I found my passion working with moms who have babes with feeding issues ranging from oral motor development, reflux, bottle choice, positioning, schedules etc. If you are a mom struggling with feeding or a new mom and have questions or just want to be prepared, please reach out!


I still can't thank you enough for saving my sanity and "fixing" my broken baby. I knew something had to give when nothing was working that was medically suggested! He's literally such a happy baby now.

Jamee Falcon

If you are a parent, parent to a newborn or just a parent in general... she was an amazing piece to our puzzle with helping Elliot and continues to help us and check on us often. She shares new information almost daily to her story. I literally get on insta saily just to watch her story for new information and keep an eye out for posts! ... she is very open and honest and always there to help.

April Howell


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